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Private - Insurances

Building contents insurance

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, you should not be without household contents insurance. It covers damage caused by fire, mains water, storm and hail as well as burglary and vandalism.

Damage caused by natural forces, such as earthquake, landslide, snow pressure, backwater, are also automatically included with all insurers in Spain.

The entire household contents are insured, from furniture, curtains, linen, cupboard inventory to electrical appliances.

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If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a non-binding offer.

Private liability

What does liability mean?

According to the law, we are liable for damage that we negligently or intentionally cause to another person. If this happens in the capacity of a private person (e.g. as a pedestrian, cyclist, visitor), this liability can be covered by private liability insurance.

It should therefore be included in every household.

What are the tasks of the insurer?
  • Examination of the question of liability
  • Defence against unjustified claims
  • Fulfilment of justified claims
Example of damage
Whether it's a friend's damaged stereo or a vase knocked over, anyone who, through carelessness, injures a person so badly that they can no longer work must reckon with claims for damages in the millions.

House contents insurance and building contents insurance in Spain usually already include private liability insurance as well as house and land owner's liability or tenant's liability. If you rent out your own house, landlord's liability can also be included.

Private health insurance

Suitable for private individuals and companies. Without long waiting times, with free choice of specialists and medical advice and usually considerably lower costs than in Germany. Quite in contrast to the public Spanish health system, which is compulsory for all employed persons.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal disputes can quickly lead to high costs. Legal expenses insurance can protect you against this relatively cheaply. That is why about 40 percent of all households in Germany have at least one legal expenses insurance policy.

In Spain, too, it is becoming more and more common to have to assert one's legal interests in sales contracts, repairs, traffic and labour law or in disputes with insurance companies and authorities.

Decide which areas of legal protection you need: Private, professional, tenancy and/or traffic legal protection.

Pet owner liability (dogs/horses)

As a pet owner, you are legally obliged to pay for any damage caused by your pet.

With liability insurance for dogs or horses, you protect yourself against this financial risk.

Damage caused by small animals, such as cats and dogs, can usually be covered by your building contents insurance.

If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and request a non-binding offer.