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Business insurance

Needs-based and cost-appropriate protection is strongly recommended in all cases. Depending on the type of business, business insurance covers the associated risks in the various areas.

Contents insurance

Contents consists of furnishings and goods. The basic coverage guarantees against property damage here are:
  • Fire, water
  • burglary, robbery and vandalism
  • Damage caused by natural forces
  • Surge damage
Optional cover would be:
  • Business interruption, e.g. due to fire damage.

Building insurance

Depending on whether the business premises are rented or owned, building insurance can also be taken out. This also covers property damage caused by:
  • Fire, water
  • burglary, robbery and vandalism
  • Damage caused by natural forces

Public liability insurance

The indispensable business liability insurance covers the following
  • personal injury to third parties (e.g. customers, business partners, passers-by)
  • Third party property damage
  • financial losses of third parties as a result of personal injury or property damage

Business legal protection insurance

In the event of legal disputes, you can quickly incur high costs. Legal expenses insurance can protect you against this at relatively low cost.

Especially in Spain, where language barriers often make communication difficult, it is becoming more and more
common to have to assert your legal interests in business.

Decide which areas of legal protection you need: Employer's legal protection, property legal protection, contract legal protection, public authority legal protection, tenancy and/or traffic legal protection.